Sample Apps

Our extensive collection of sample apps can be found on Github. They demonstrate the many features of the app framework such as App Lifecycle events, Data methods, Events methods, Interface methods, Data storage, OAuth, Serverless, and much more.

Apps by Feature

Basic Features
You can understand basic features, such as App lifecycle events, Placeholders, Data methods, Interface methods, Events methods, and Request methods, using these sample apps.

  • Your First App - Displays the Freshdesk logo along with the name of the ticket requester on the Ticket Details page.
  • Simple Events API App - Displays a success notification whenever an agent clicks the Reply button on the Ticket Details page.
  • Ticket Top Navigation App - Adds a shortcut, which can be used to start the timer, in the top navigation bar of the Ticket Details page.
  • Request API App - Makes API calls to

Advanced Features
You can understand advanced features, such as Intercepting events, Data storage, OAuth, and Custom installation pages, using these apps.

  • Simple Data Storage App - Allows an agent to store notes linked to a specific ticket.
  • OneDrive OAuth App - Lists files and folders in your OneDrive account.
  • Custom Installation Page App - Uses the Custom Installation page to display an additional form element type and dynamically populate a form field using an API call.
  • Intercepting Event App - Intercepts the ticket close event and checks if there is any timer running. If so, it rejects the close action and displays an error message.

The Marketplace platform includes a serverless environment to enable you to write apps that run in response to events such as Freshdesk product events, App setup events, and External events.

  • Your First Serverless App - Prints a "Hello {requester name}" message on the terminal window every time a new ticket is created.
  • Serverless Request App - Sends an API request to and prints the response on the terminal window every time a new ticket is created.
  • JIRA External Events App - Uses external events to create an outbound email ticket in Freshdesk every time an issue of type “bug” is created in JIRA.
  • Asana Serverless+OAuth App - Sends serverless requests using an OAuth token to create an Asana task for every ticket.
  • Ticket Merger - Merges tickets created by the same requester within a configurable time window.
  • Scheduled Events App - Enables agents to schedule the creation of tickets.
Apps by Use Case

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